Adult Education

Fueled by shortbread, chocolate biscuits, pretzels, crisps, pistachio nuts, fruit and popcorn (subject to availability), and endless hot and cold drinks, our Adult Education group is lively and informative, relaxed, fun and friendly. We meet every Wednesday evening in term time, from 8 pm for about 2 hours, in the home of one of our members.

Current subjects include: the Midrash Rabbah on the book of Genesis, and Hellenistic Jewish classics.

Texts are introduced by our rabbi, and discussion is far-ranging. Red herrings abound. No previous knowledge is required.

All texts are studied in English translation.  Generous refreshments are provided.

We also run a Jewish Preparation Group. This class is aimed at those wishing to convert to Judaism, or those who would like to gain some basic Jewish knowledge. Contact Rabbi Larry for details.

For further information, contact Rabbi Larry through our Enquiry form.